Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Get muddy jeans, and much cheaper than $400 a pair
Those muddy jeans at Nordstrom have been all over the news. But who wants to spend $400 on one pair of jeans with faux mud?  Mudd detergent is a cheap alternative, at $60 a bottle, it's good for several washes, and uses real mud.  This can save a fortune. Why stop at jeans? Add a touch of mud everywhere. Add a brown fashion statement to your tee, socks and underwear. Mudd for a real muddy look.


Friday, April 14, 2017

from the Easter Bunny

Yum, limited time during Easter, Cadbury Bacon and Eggs easter egg!


Friday, March 31, 2017

Last-Cup, the Uber of Coffee

Last-Cup, the Uber of Coffee

Zook, Kansas, April 1, 2017 - Save coffee, time and money.  LAST-CUP connects the people to the coffee. Every morning millions of Americans have a leftover cup of coffee.  And every morning millions of Americans wait in line and pay an average of $5 for a cup of brewed coffee. Until now.

The concept is simple!
  • Just sign up as a coffee host or as a coffee guest.
  • Indicate the number of cups available or needed. Reoccurring or day-to-day.
  • A stranger will stop by and say the secret catchphrase, LAST-CUP, indicating they went through our process of completing an internet based form.
  • Invite the stranger in, direct them to the coffee and let them enjoy.
  • The stranger has their coffee while you get ready for work.
What started as a neighborly gesture in Zook, Kansas in 2015, has now expanded into 8 cities in Kansas and Oklahoma. The founder of LAST-CUP is excited about this project going national in April 2017. Like Uber, payment is done in advance and tipping is not required. What could go wrong? LAST-CUP collects comments from members and has a patented 'coffee bean' rating so don't serve crappy coffee or leave behind  a mess.

Members can filter search results by distance, decaf, hazelnut and almond milk available. Expect this to make a big impact on mornings.

About Last-Cup:
Last-Cup is the No. 1 in-home coffee sharing brand in Kansas with more than 380 registered members in Kansas and Oklahoma and more than $1 billion in sales. Annually, Last-Cup serves more than 40 trillion cups. The company has been recognized as a Platinum Member of Kansas' 50 Best Managed Companies. Last-Cup believes that strong coffee inspire people to be strong leaders, and in 2015, the Last-Cup network was established to help support coffee drinking and boost people their full potential. Last-Cup is located in Zook, Kansas.

Last-Cup of Kansas

Monday, March 27, 2017

Medicine and Healthcare are fake
Renegade News' Arlington, Virginia office went deep undercover, to the 19th hole of an unnamed golf resort to gather facts for this story. Seems the medical and pharmaceutical industries do indeed control what medical news is released to the public, and where it is seen and heard.

The common cold.  Not everyone knows the common cold was cured in 1971. Cold medicine is a big money maker for primary care physicians and drug manufacturers. According to a pharmaceutical sales rep who prefers to remain anonymous, "it doesn't make sense for the medical community to walk away from big profits, 'the common cold has no cure.'"

Only 0.01% of the wealthiest on this planet are treated with a goal for a cure, the remaining population is sold medications, referred to multiple doctors and eventually infected with another virus and the cycle repeats.  Factoid: None of the 0.01% are left sick or suffering, they are treated and cured.

Epidemics. Imagine if epidemics were controlled releases, specifically to generate sales of new and expensive medications. Unfortunately we do not have the rest of this story as our reporter fell ill before completing the investigation. He has been suffering with the flu for three weeks and we have been holding onto his notes. As it is the week of Obama Care vote / no-vote, we feel it is topical.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Purim Peeps Flavors Are Coming
Peeps have been called the single largest icon of Easter.  And now peeps creep into Purim.

If you feel like Peeps are just a crappy candy, try Kosher Peeps in hamantash. What is a hamantash? A hamantash is a filled-pocket cookie or pastry recognizable for its triangular shape, usually associated with the Jewish holiday of Purim, now peep filled! Matzoh peep soup is next.

And coming soon, Samosas Peeps, a deep fried, peep filled, spicy pastry snack that originated from India.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

First Lady Melania Trump was busy her first week as First Lady. Seen shopping for border trim that will be used on the fantastic wall husband Donald is erecting on the border of Mexico.


Overheard a congressman say in a West Wing lunch line, "I can't wait to see the expression on Mrs. Trump's face when it dawns on her that all that border tile is for a wall to keep out foreigners," as of now the Mrs' only instruction was from Donald, "Oh Melania, can you pick out a nice tile for the border wall."  Becomng a citizen of the U.S. recently, Melania has a strong bond with immigrants struggling to become U.S. Citizens.

Born in Slovenia, (former Yugoslavia), Melania became a permanent resident of the United States about 15 years ago and an American citizen ten years ago. Prior to marrying Donald Trump, she worked as a model. It's only the second foreign born First Lady in our country, the first time was Louisa Adams, born in London, and First Lady 188 years ago when John Quincy Adams was president from 1825 to 1829.

Every First Lady is remembered for something. Will Melania pet project be the Border Wall?


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump's law on national monuments
Renegade News just learned that President Donald Trump ordered his likeness to be displayed on all state and federal monuments and federal public lands. Signing what sources inside the beltway are calling the Bust Trump bill into law today. Those who stuck around with the late night inaguaration crowd in Washington DC were some of the first to see the unveiling of the Trump branded Refelecting Pool.

Mr. Donald Trump tweeted that statues and paintings will be fantastic curb appeal and also a huge boost to America others rejecting can stop in a regional Trump office for assistance. Mr. Trump forgot he was wearing a mic when he asserted how important it is that people are focused on distractions while his army mobilizes expecting an enormous number of people today.

White House spokesperson Caliente C. Spicer confirmed that effigies are being erected and emphasized the positive response from American citizens.  CC Spicer added that the tremendous addition to construction and manufacturing jobs from the erections is estimated to create a huge number of jobs. Further talks are ongoing.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Renegade News 11 o'clock news open
Renegade News has a reputation of fair and ballast news. We are taking this time of transition in Washington, DC to release our new nightly news opener. This should eliminate any doubt of credibility.