Trump's law on national monuments

Renegade News just learned that President Donald Trump ordered his likeness to be displayed on all state and federal monuments and federal public lands. Signing what sources inside the beltway are calling the Bust Trump bill into law today. Those who stuck around with the late night inaguaration crowd in Washington DC were some of the first to see the unveiling of the Trump branded Refelecting Pool.

Mr. Donald Trump tweeted that statues and paintings will be fantastic curb appeal and also a huge boost to America others rejecting can stop in a regional Trump office for assistance. Mr. Trump forgot he was wearing a mic when he asserted how important it is that people are focused on distractions while his army mobilizes expecting an enormous number of people today.

White House spokesperson Caliente C. Spicer confirmed that effigies are being erected and emphasized the positive response from American citizens.  CC Spicer added that the tremendous addition to construction and manufacturing jobs from the erections is estimated to create a huge number of jobs. Further talks are ongoing.

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