Automatic Toilet and Urinal Flushers are Spy Cameras?

SpyCam in Auto Flush devices cause thousands to scramble!

It was thought to be the innovation of the decade. Auto Flush Toilets. A germ-o-phobes delight. No more twisting into yoga positions to use elbows and feet to flush in a public bathroom, no more gifts left for the next patron. Just do your business, walk away and by the time you wash your hands, the toilet is clean and shiny.

A man in Semplice, Texas received a shocking surprise when he discovered the sensor in the toilet flush was actually video taping his movement. His bluetooth video cell phone suddenly started playing a video of a man wearing the same t-shirt as him. It wasn't until he stood up that the man realized it was him on camera.

According to research, all toilet flushers are bluetooth equipped for routine maintenance and he must have knocked into this CAN LAN and the Man Ran.

Our liaison of lavatory mavens did a random sampling of 300 auto flushers in mens and womens public bathrooms, all turning up with built in cameras. And pressing the manual button on the flusher enabled bluetooth video broadcast on 80% of these devices. Evidently engineers didn't think anyone would ever manually flush an auto flush toilet.

We contacted four leading makers and none had a comment, except for April Fool's Day.   Enjoy the rest of the day and don't get sucked in by any Pranks ☺.

Remember: Nothing in toilet except toilet paper; Flush toilet after use; WASH your hands with soap.
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