Tuesday, December 29, 1987

Eastern Airlines introduces SCP Planes
Budget minded Eastern Airlines began a new service which should reduce costs by as much as $56 million a month. Eastern is immediately replacing their fleet of DC-9 planes with the more efficient Snap, crackle, Pop (or SCP) planes. On command these planes, like the name implies will do the following:
  • Snap into to separate pieces, allowing passengers to exit in a efficient and orderly manner
  • Have break-way engine mounts, which Crackle, thus allowing fast and easy engine replacements
  • And finally, Pop. If danger is detected by on board computers, the entire plane will explode
Eastern is very proud of its new fleet and predicts the SCP planes, exclusive to the airline, will increase ridership and fill the skies in the months to come.

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Tuesday, December 22, 1987

Wednesday, December 16, 1987

Monday, December 14, 1987

Blue Eyes brings Xmas to struggling family
Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, while reading a Washington newspaper ran across a story that touched his heart. Someone stole Christmas from a struggling single mother of four children. And Frankie's emotions sprang into action. The plan, according to Sinatra's publicity agent, is to have three elves arrive in Miami on Christmas Eve, dressed in the traditional Sinatra elf wardrobe consisting of black suit, white tie and matching shoes. The elves Guido, Tony and Alfonzo told Renegade News that they have an offer for the perpetrator that he can't refuse.

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Reagan pulls prank on Gorbachev
Continuing with his tasteless jokes and poor timing, Ronald Reagan tried once again to entertain the country with his brand of humor. Early last week during the Summit meetings, Reagan had all his blood replaced with Folgers Decaffeinated Coffee. Was Reagan rich enough to fool even head of state Mikhail Gorbachev?

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Wednesday, December 9, 1987

Friday, November 27, 1987

Thursday, June 4, 1987

Pope Senor John Paul II Grande?
Pope Senior John Paul II Grande?
Over the last several weeks our Central American investigative reporter discovered that Pope John Paul II is secretly fighting the war in Nicaragua..."

Stars Start Consulting Firm

Retired Models Jessica Hawn, Fawn Hall and DOnna Rice announced Tuesday that they have started a consulting firm to improve political images...