Last-Cup, the Uber of Coffee

Last-Cup, the Uber of Coffee

Zook, Kansas, April 1, 2017 - Save coffee, time and money.  LAST-CUP connects the people to the coffee. Every morning millions of Americans have a leftover cup of coffee.  And every morning millions of Americans wait in line and pay an average of $5 for a cup of brewed coffee. Until now.

The concept is simple!
  • Just sign up as a coffee host or as a coffee guest.
  • Indicate the number of cups available or needed. Reoccurring or day-to-day.
  • A stranger will stop by and say the secret catchphrase, LAST-CUP, indicating they went through our process of completing an internet based form.
  • Invite the stranger in, direct them to the coffee and let them enjoy.
  • The stranger has their coffee while you get ready for work.
What started as a neighborly gesture in Zook, Kansas in 2015, has now expanded into 8 cities in Kansas and Oklahoma. The founder of LAST-CUP is excited about this project going national in April 2017. Like Uber, payment is done in advance and tipping is not required. What could go wrong? LAST-CUP collects comments from members and has a patented 'coffee bean' rating so don't serve crappy coffee or leave behind  a mess.

Members can filter search results by distance, decaf, hazelnut and almond milk available. Expect this to make a big impact on mornings.

About Last-Cup:
Last-Cup is the No. 1 in-home coffee sharing brand in Kansas with more than 380 registered members in Kansas and Oklahoma and more than $1 billion in sales. Annually, Last-Cup serves more than 40 trillion cups. The company has been recognized as a Platinum Member of Kansas' 50 Best Managed Companies. Last-Cup believes that strong coffee inspire people to be strong leaders, and in 2015, the Last-Cup network was established to help support coffee drinking and boost people their full potential. Last-Cup is located in Zook, Kansas.

Last-Cup of Kansas

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