Medicine and Healthcare are fake

Renegade News' Arlington, Virginia office went deep undercover, to the 19th hole of an unnamed golf resort to gather facts for this story. Seems the medical and pharmaceutical industries do indeed control what medical news is released to the public, and where it is seen and heard.

The common cold.  Not everyone knows the common cold was cured in 1971. Cold medicine is a big money maker for primary care physicians and drug manufacturers. According to a pharmaceutical sales rep who prefers to remain anonymous, "it doesn't make sense for the medical community to walk away from big profits, 'the common cold has no cure.'"

Only 0.01% of the wealthiest on this planet are treated with a goal for a cure, the remaining population is sold medications, referred to multiple doctors and eventually infected with another virus and the cycle repeats.  Factoid: None of the 0.01% are left sick or suffering, they are treated and cured.

Epidemics. Imagine if epidemics were controlled releases, specifically to generate sales of new and expensive medications. Unfortunately we do not have the rest of this story as our reporter fell ill before completing the investigation. He has been suffering with the flu for three weeks and we have been holding onto his notes. As it is the week of Obama Care vote / no-vote, we feel it is topical.

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