Sunday, January 18, 2015

seedless web - pot delivery with no seeds, no stems, no worries
Our Renegade News social media desk has seen a preview of tomorrow's web based delivery.  With legalization of marijuana comes enterprise. Seedless 420 Mon LLC is set up and ready to launch their "Seedless Web" service. At first glance it appears seedless stemmed from the popular seamless food delivery site but seedless stressed it did not grow out of the similar site and any similarities are a coincidence. Food delivery sites are ready to benefit when customers crave onion rings at 2am.

Seedless works with local guys in town and operates on a percentage of revenue. If you buy a $50 bag, $3 goes to Seedless.  Seedless plans to launch on April 20th in 5 cities: San Francisco, Portland, St. Louis, New York and Miami with a business plan to expand to 30 cities by 2016.