ATM Network distributes free MP3 Music

According to some infotainment program, the same ATM that gives you money, also can give you free music.

To take advantage of the free music download, enter your PIN # as 8675309.  If you are prompted to enter only 4 digits as the PIN, ignore that and enter 8-6-7-5-3-0-9.  You will be prompted to select a song from the daily download offers, grouped by genre. This service is restricted to one MP3 download a day.

Other features you may not have seen but are possible via an ATM:
  • Email receipts - no more bulge in your pocket, via paperless banking you receive instant receipts via email.
  • Cardless ATM access - use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology via cell phone at compatible machines.
  • Video Conferencing - The original use of an ATM was eliminating the need for a human teller to service a customer. Now ATMs are so complex they need a live human being to assist transactions via real-time video conferencing.
All ATMs carry the free music feature but typically will not promote it as hundreds of dollars in transaction fees may be lost.
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