Recharge your Tesla from an iPhone at 80 Km/h

This week Schlockcharge was officially launched in 4 European countries, connecting Tesla drivers in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to their cell phones in a brand new way. Mobile phone consumers in these newly-energized countries can now enjoy convenient, electric trips on the German Autobahn and to destinations in the Alps and elsewhere thanks to the Schlockcharge App.

The SCHLOCKCHARGE App can charge an automobile in 20 minutes
Schlockcharge is the first mobile application to power a Tesla totally from a cell phone.   As of today, over 200,000 motorists are charging their electric cars via iOS and Android in Europe. More than 11 million kilowatts have been transferred from mobile device to Tesla and nearly 1.19 million liters of gas have been offset.

The technology to charge electric cars via mobile represents a new milestone in the expansion of the electric European car network. In Germany, Schlockcharge has been certified to work in Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. In the Netherlands, the app is still being beta tested and expected authorized to charge cars from Amsterdam to Cologne and Brussels by November.

Schlockcharge lead product manager, Hans Van Houten, says that “By the end of 2016, 60 percent of all smartphone users who own electric cars [in these 4 countries], will be charging their autos via a mobile application” and goes on to say, “Shlockcharge is substantially more powerful than any charging technology to date, with the exception of a conventional cable to power source, and the typical car will use 120 kilowatts of DC (Direct Current) power per charge originated in the Smartphone.”

Astoundingly, all smartphones we tested for this article, including iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge,  fully charged a Tesla battery with under 10% life remaining in under 20 minutes. And if two phones running the App are plugged into a car, in tandem, it will fully charge a dead car battery in under 10 minutes.

Van Houten says a full release of the App across Europe is expected by year's end and introduced to the United States and Canadian markets in 2016.

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