USB plug-n-pour water generator

The water crisis is over.  Hydrofax of Santa Clara just announced a USB based water generator.

The creators of USB water claim it isolates hydrogen atoms, bonds them to oxygen and produces water, from thin air.   Water has been flowing from prototypes in Southern California for several months.

California state legislators have kept a pretty low profile on approval, particularly with regard to costs. California is projected to run out of water in a few years and officials throughout the Southwestern United States have the opportunity to rule with water. Unlimited water from air deflates that power and puts everyone on an equal playing field. 

California is the ideal candidate for instant water, and the legislature should be supporting widespread use of USB generated water. Unfortunately, the history of failed environmental issues such as solar power rebates and other incentives leaves USB Water's acceptance in limbo.

Skeptics of the product feel the USB water generator will fail just as dehydrated water did in the 1990s.

Version h1.0 software of USB Water is in beta testing on Windows 8, iOS and Android platforms.  The full release is planned for October, with a beer and wine option expected in 2017. 

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