Zuckerberg: Humor has no place on Facebook

Sources close to people who are "Facebook Friends" of Mark Zuckerberg tell Renegade News that the social media giant rarely gets the joke, the guy doesn't laugh. Zuckerberg's personal assistants have lost count of how frequently they say "It's a joke, Mark" so the product managers of Facebook Timeline brainstormed and are rolling out a "Joke Flag" feature for messages with a high laugh potential.

"We have completed all tests and are ready to launch the laugh feature which includes the text '[It's A Joke]' in front of links to satirical articles in the related articles unit in News Feed,” a Facebook spokesperson told us. “This is because we received feedback that our fearless leader needed a clearer way to distinguish comedy from the hard news."

A Facebook source said that the test had been happening for over 4 months by listening for laughter on web users' computer and matching it to 3rd party news sources. The joke flag is applied to content that may generate a laugh, and can be disabled in a user's privacy settings, according to the statement.

News Source and Category Laugh Potential

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