FOX News ads banned online?

Renegade News, an established institution providing decades of erratic, inconsistent, and sometimes humorous news reports strongly disagrees with Google and Facebook's decision to refuse to sell ads to FOX News.  As a parody news site we believe Fake News outlets should be identified, but not banned.

Facebook and Google will not broker advertisements for inclusion on websites and mobile apps that the sites have determined display fake or misleading news after some have raised questions about whether either company may have played a role in the presidential election.

The announcements follows widespread concern over the rapid increase of fake, wrong or misleading news articles on the internet.

Additionally, the news network is not banned in Canada.  CRTC regulations apply only to Canadian broadcasters using Canadian airwaves; they do not apply to non-Canadian news sources transmitted via satellite and cable, not broadcast over public airwaves.

CORRECTION:  This report earlier mentioned FOX News in error, that should read "fake news".

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