Exyzee app targets the embarrassing open fly

One of the better software innovations of the year is Exyzee. If you’ve ever been alerted X-Y-Z in a meeting, classroom or on the train, this hot new app is for you.

Designed to work with tiny computer chips already woven into clothing, the app running on your mobile device identifies your pants by a unique identification code embedded in the RFID chip and analyzes 3 factors. Wind velocity, room temperature and internal temperature. Using advanced technology borrowed from NOAA, Exyzee software determines zipper conditions.

Earlier versions of fly tracking failed because RFID technology was not yet available but using the existing hardware in your jeans, you can be alerted within 30 seconds of your pant conditions via text message or on the cell phone’s handset’s lock screen.

Future versions of Exyzee will include a dongle that attaches to the jeans allowing users to discretely swipe their screen and zip their fly.

One of the features in the app is the introduction of “gradual zipper notification” (GZN), which will redisplay alerts after a set period of time if they haven’t already been addressed. After the 5th text or push notification, Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) are triggered on your mobile device indicating you better zip it up right now. The GZN alerts are disabled if the app detects you are driving or in a theater setting.

The app also includes an “auto-on” feature, which activates as soon as you put your handset into your pocket, and the developers have also used shake technology to avoid accidental alerts in the bathroom.

The app, originally released on iOS in January, is now available for any Android device. An iPad version is due out before Labor Day, to coincide with the beginning of the new school year.

Fact Sheet:  RFID Technology

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