iBag or iDoucheBag - results of research

What is an iBag, often called an iDoucheBag or iDouche?
the iBag badge of honor

An iBag is the term given to inconsiderate users of mobile devices (laptops, mp3 players, cell phones, tablets).  A study was recently concluded by our Renegade News tech journalists which had some surprising results. Bigger is not always badder.  The laptop scored lower on the iBag scale than the touch screen phone or tablet. So far I refrained from saying iPhone or iPad, this is because while the iProducts may have a slightly higher douchability, there was no great difference on touch screen smartphones or specific brands of tablets.

  • Talk loudly on cell phones
  • Spread their elbows into their neighboring riders ribcage
  • Use their iDevices with sound effects
  • Play their iNoise so loud the earpod bleedover is heard throughout the bus/train

iBag Annoyance Chart

Overall the Renegade News iTeam found when asked to remove their elbows or lower their volume, an iBag responds in an exaggerated fashion while muttering about their self-entitlements.


Comment on your own iBag experiences...
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