The Amazing Barack-O-Matic Infomercial

I knew it was a mistake to hire Ron Popeil as media coordinator for this infomercial.

How many ways can you CHANGE the government? The Barack-O-Matic Slashes the budget, Cuts spending, Injects the economy and Frapp├ęs the Mid-East.

How many votes would you give? Wait, don’t answer yet because if you vote now we’ll throw in this set of Biden Knives. Durable enough to cut through bills and amendments, yet still slices a tomato paper thin.

And for the first 1,500,000,000 customers, just for trying the Barack-O-Matic, we’ll give you a Six Pack of Genuine Sarah Palin Beer (naturally foamy, doncha know all good beers have a good head. You betcha!). This gift is yours to keep, just as long as you vote.
The Amazing Barack-O-Matic Infomercial The Amazing Barack-O-Matic Infomercial Reviewed by SteveMiami on 2:41 PM Rating: 5