Monday, December 19, 2016

Does the Electoral College have a school mascot?
A group of grade school students contacted Renegade News to find out more about an Electoral College.

Our Renegade News Education Reporter did some reearch and found no admissions office, no way to apply and no dean of education. Further investigation found no known address for an "Electoral College" or "Electoral University."

No mascot? Most American schools have a mascot. High schools, colleges, and even middle and elementary schools typically have mascots. Most of them have their mascot created as a costume, and use this costume at sports or social events. Why is the school impossible to find and why doesn't the Electoral College have a school mascot?

Digging deeper we can confirm the Electoral College is not a place. It's actually a fictional school with 538 fictional students. There are no classes, no school colors and no graduations.

The only school activity we could find occurs every four years, in November, when the Electoral College has a Bowl Game against rival team, "Popular Vote" and the winner picks the next president of the United States.

We're working on a follow-up story, "Defaulting on Students Loans at  Electoral College."