Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4 hidden Excel 2016 functions that can save you time

Excel 2016 includes a number of hidden functions designed to help you cook the books.

We went to Excel headquarters division that specializing in desktop solutions and after a few non-specific bribes we were shown 4 new commands:

When you want to show a complex calculation, but force results

=SNARK([level of snarkness])
Displays a random sarcastic status

=BULLSHIT(Start cell:[End Cell})
Evaluates formulas, images, video and text. Returns a TRUE if it's all bullshit and locks the spreadsheet so you don't waste your time

Renamed to =PASSTHEBUCK()

Excel has benefited from a considerable makeover, and additions including snap functions and smart scrolling which make tapping in your spreadsheet data an easier process.        

You can download the suite right now. However, note that Office 2016 for Mac is only available to Office 365 users currently. Those looking to make a one-time purchase of the suite will have to wait for the boxed copy to emerge in September.