Wednesday, December 16, 1987

Monday, December 14, 1987

Blue Eyes brings Xmas to struggling family
Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, while reading a Washington newspaper ran across a story that touched his heart. Someone stole Christmas from a struggling single mother of four children. And Frankie's emotions sprang into action. The plan, according to Sinatra's publicity agent, is to have three elves arrive in Miami on Christmas Eve, dressed in the traditional Sinatra elf wardrobe consisting of black suit, white tie and matching shoes. The elves Guido, Tony and Alfonzo told Renegade News that they have an offer for the perpetrator that he can't refuse.

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Reagan pulls prank on Gorbachev
Continuing with his tasteless jokes and poor timing, Ronald Reagan tried once again to entertain the country with his brand of humor. Early last week during the Summit meetings, Reagan had all his blood replaced with Folgers Decaffeinated Coffee. Was Reagan rich enough to fool even head of state Mikhail Gorbachev?

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