Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Starbucks Is Testing Guinness
Guinness for breakfast is not a new concept. Baristas all over the United Kingdom have been slow pouring the morning stout for decades.  What is a new concept is Starbucks serving beer.

Starbucks is launching the strange brew for the fall, dubbed a "Dark Barrel" Latte, which according to our source says this is just the first step. Expect "Unfiltered Weizen Kaffee" in Spring 2005, and next Summer the "Persika Hård" cider.

Beer and Hard Ciders are a natural addition to the Starbucks menu and very compatible with their new Happy Hour snacks. In Starbucks tradition, all have crazy names including habanero pepř poppers, bekons kartupeļiand and stekt mozzarella, each being test marketed in select cities.