Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hostess Twinkies & Dell produce Super Computer with shelf-life of 3 decades
In what seems to be an odd marriage, unconfirmed reports indicate Hostess Twinkies and Dell Computers are being sold to a yet-to-be-disclosed investment group which will introduce a computer with a shelf life of  3 decades, compared to the typical current lifespan of a computer which is about one year.

prototype of pc twinkie processor
Inside sources say this investment group's cool new central processing unit, already in alpha testing, uses super chips cooled by a twinkie filling, with clock speeds 30 times faster than technology in current CPUs. As with any particular CPU, replacing the crystal with another crystal that oscillates at a higher frequency will generally make the CPU run at a higher performance but increase waste heat produced by the CPU. The theory is to increase performance of a CPU by replacing the oscillator crystal with a twinkie, where as waste heat will warm the pastry, stimulating the cream filling and delivering a faster, fresh baked product.