Adventures of a colonoscopy (funny)

If you've gone through the preparations for a colonscopy, you'll appreciate this video.

I have to agree when everyone says the prep is worse than the procedure.

A bit of background... First you take a few pills to loosen up the foundation a bit. After a few hours you become aquainted with a 50 gallon drum of prep fluid, which seems innocent enough but gulping it down is no easy task. The prep kit I was given had flavor packets, I used the orange flavoring thinking this can't be much worse than orange Gatorade because Gatorade isn't all that wonderful either. It is worse than Gatorade, not so much in flavor but consistency. It's just weird.

I recommend using a straw-aiming the liquid towards the roof of your mouth and let it spray down your throat without hitting your tongue.

Then after a short period of time, the fireworks begin!

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